Private Lessons

Preregistration for Private Lessons will be required and must be paid directly to the instructor on the day of the lesson.

Cost for Private Lessons is as follows: $40 for an hour slot, unless otherwise noted, are small group private lessons and will have a maximum of 4 athletes. Levels / Age requirements for each instructor are listed under each Class Description.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policies

We understand that cancellations can occur due to schedule changes, conflicts, and illness. However, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Please cancel all lessons according to our 24 hour cancellation policy. Weekend and Monday lessons must be cancelled by 5:00 p.m. on Friday in order to avoid being responsible for the fee.
  • Cancelling for an illness in less than 24 hours requires a doctor’s note to avoid being responsible for the fee.
  • All cancellations MUST BE emailed to– if you send it to another email or call, you will still be responsible for the fee.
  • When cancelling a lesson, please include the athlete’s full name, the date and time of the lesson, and the instructor’s name in the email.
  • If you cancel without 24 hours notice, please notify the instructor and pay their fee directly to them to avoid the fee going onto your portal account.

For any questions regarding signing up for Classes, please EMAIL us today.

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